BITMi on Tour @OSADL - Open Source software license compliance certification and how to get there


17. November 2021    
14:00 - 16:00


This event will be held in English.

It certainly constitutes an important step towards license compliance of a company when an individual license compliance policy is established, but it is also very important to communicate this to all partners of the trade chain. And even if this is communicated it must also be ensured that the policies of all trade partners are equivalent and a reliable chain of trust is created. This is best achieved if all parties adhere to the same standard and fortunately a suitable standard was recently established as OpenChain ISO 5230. To better understand what OpenChain is all about, it may be important to have a look at the roots of this standard and the way of how it was created. To do so Caren Kresse, OSADL, will give the basic lecture of this OSADL COOL edition and explain the details of the various successors of the final OpenChain standard. In particular, the difference between a product related and a company related standard will be looked at.

The question often arises what steps a company should take to become certified. The advanced lecture of this OSADL COOL edition will therefore stress the issue. In particular, it is not obvious whether it may be sufficient to simply study the OpenChain standard or whether it may be better to use a template and follow it step by step to ensure that the important prerequisites are established first before they are checked against the standard. Another question focusses on the selection of the auditing organization. It is best practice not to have the processes to be audited by the same organization that before assisted when establishing them. Since OSADL primarily helps companies establish and fine-tune the processes to obtain company-wide Open Source software license compliance, OSADL decided not to act as auditing organization in the first place. In contrast, OSADL recommends external and independent certification bodies such as the German TÜV organization. Details of how this cooperation works in practice will also be included in this talk.

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